Story Behind the Poem // day 8

Day 8 “wearing a mask”

Alphonse and the masks

Eight days in a row of writing haiku poems and posting blog posts! This is an incredible accomplishment for me and it’s been fun to document my life through short poetic stanzas.

Today’s poem is about wearing masks. It feels like my most controversial one so far. The opinions on mask-wearing vary widely (like most things) and to fit the word “compliance” into the poem makes me worry a bit what others will think, but I had to go with gut.

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Story Behind the Poem // day 7

Day 7 “in the shade”

I wrote today’s poem on my lunch break outside of the a client’s new job site. A grocery store has been waiting been waiting many years for this new location and today was opening day. My client regularly works on Fridays and so I was there to support him on a day where the community showed up and shopped, to help become adjusted to a new environment.

As a job coach, a little less this summer–this year in general–due to COVID-19, I can spend all day in my car. For lunch and breaks. It’s my office. And I am forever looking for shade, to park my car in because we will spend hours at the same location. I’ve learned that not very many parking lots have good shade. I still look for it everywhere I can haha

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Story Behind the Poem / day 5

Day 5 “a worry”

This is something I’m wondering a lot lately. We’re all navigating the impacts of COVID-19. Being a human in a non-quarantined world is hard enough and now we’re managing emotions and feelings while wearing masks and not seeing all of our people regularly.

My hope, my prayer, is that we can offer grace and love and kindness to those around us and on the Internet.

My hope, my prayer, is that we can give people the benefit of the doubt.

But I also worry about it too.

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Story Behind the Poem // day 4

Day 4 “a hope”

Yesterday’s haiku, “social distancing”, was a bit of a downer. Both versions. But I need to remember that it has taken me months to wrestle with these emotions.

(Fellow Californians, Day 138 of the state-wide shelter-in-place is coming to end as I post this. But, who’s counting?)

With today’s hakiu, I really wanted to take those specific things in yesterday’s poem and literally translate the hope in each of those.

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30 Day Haiku Project // Day 0

A poetry challenge popped up in my Instagram feed sometime last week and I promptly saved it. A fellow writer, Nicole Gulotta, is hosting it.

You an see my notes/ideas for a few of the days coming up

The prompts go through thirty days in August and revolve around life during COVID-19. It’s a beautiful way to document these weird times we’re living in. Plus, it will challenge me to write and post every day. Yesterday I wrote Day 1’s haiku on the car ride down to my parents’ house, and it changed the perspective of the poem itself.

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