Story Behind the Poem // day 6

Day 6, “raise your voice”

Another night at the dining room table, writing poems and blog posts. I love it.

I’m more tired than I have been because the past few nights I’ve been wrapping this up around this time, not just starting. However, after dinner (at the table! not on the couch with a show on!), I read and finished P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han.

I bought the trilogy a couple years ago after reading and loving the first one. I’ve tried reading the second one two or three times and had no patience for Lara Jean. A few weeks ago, however, I mentioned this a fellow reader and she assured me I should still try it. I enjoyed it much more this time around and can now add the movie sequel to my To-Watch list.

I love these writing nights. They feel more purposeful than scrolling or even going to bed early (or, on time) haha

Initially, reading through the prompt list images of protests and riots, opinions and arguments about COVID-19 and BLM, Hamilton and sex-trafficking came to mind. I didn’t want to write about those. I’m a bystander right now, an observer, trying to control what I absorb, and limit all the news I take in.

I wanted this haiku to reflect how I was raising my voice, and so tonight’s poem was created.

I worked on it a lot in my head throughout the day and actual writing time proved to be shorter than the previous poems so far.

Remember, reader, just because you’re not sharing posts on Facebook or in your Stories, or you’re not clicking on all the trending hashtags, doesn’t mean you aren’t observing, you aren’t noticing.

There are plenty of ways to raise your voice in awareness of people, organizations, dangerous and wrong things happening in the world in our own corners.

Maybe, right now it looks like keeping your learning close to yourself, in your home, between you and the people you live with.

For me it looks like writing and reading and singing and praying, wishing and hoping and praying some more that we come out on the other side of this kinder, loving easier, and okay.

How are you raising your voice? Are you using social media to share the matters that are important to you? Or are you choosing to keep it close for now?

As always, you can follow the #30DayHaikuProject on Instagram.

Writing Process Notes:


// about an hour. like 9;06pm when I sat down to write and it’s just after 10pm now as I write these notes. Hobbit Hole noises (fridge, fans, etc.) Word total: 449 (this post and notes) + 73 (writing the poem)

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