Story Behind the Poem // day 7

Day 7 “in the shade”

I wrote today’s poem on my lunch break outside of the a client’s new job site. A grocery store has been waiting been waiting many years for this new location and today was opening day. My client regularly works on Fridays and so I was there to support him on a day where the community showed up and shopped, to help become adjusted to a new environment.

As a job coach, a little less this summer–this year in general–due to COVID-19, I can spend all day in my car. For lunch and breaks. It’s my office. And I am forever looking for shade, to park my car in because we will spend hours at the same location. I’ve learned that not very many parking lots have good shade. I still look for it everywhere I can haha

My favorite thing about this new place is the outdoor seating. It’s nice not to eat in a hot car and the weather this past week in the foothills of Northern California has been pretty mild. (It was chilly enough outside and then freezing in the office–enough so that I wished I’d brought a hoodie and not just a light flannel.)

And so, I enjoyed my lunch at a table in the shade, where I wrote this poem in two tries, sent to Anthony, and then started Always and Forever, Lara Jean, the third novel in Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I Loved Before series.

Anthony responded to my poem text a couple hours later, laughing, saying he liked it, that it was totally me haha

It’s kinda random, but it is one way to document my job coaching life. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Happy Friday, Readers!

As always, you can follow the #30DayHaikuProject on Instagram. For more on this project and my first six poems, read this post.

Writing Process Notes:


// 3 mins on my lunch break (2:33pm-2:36pm). Outside. Poem-writing words: 44

// this blog post: I don’t know. Maybe I started around 6:45pm? so, like 45 mins. Listening to Spotify’s Release Radar playlist 🙂 Dining Room table. Windows open already :). Word count: 360 (this post and notes) + the 44 = 404.

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