Story Behind the Poem // day 4

Day 4 “a hope”

Yesterday’s haiku, “social distancing”, was a bit of a downer. Both versions. But I need to remember that it has taken me months to wrestle with these emotions.

(Fellow Californians, Day 138 of the state-wide shelter-in-place is coming to end as I post this. But, who’s counting?)

With today’s hakiu, I really wanted to take those specific things in yesterday’s poem and literally translate the hope in each of those.

So, on my lunch break, it started out almost line-for-line, mirroring the phone calls and text check-ins. I also wanted to get across that even though our weeks look different and hanging out with our people may look different, Ant and I are still safe and happy and healthy and overall okay.

Tonight, it moved from very specific to a little more abstract, naming the emotions of joy and sadness.

I joke that I’m Sadness. Literal Sadness from Inside Out. I wallow in my sadness. She’s so endearing and relatable to me. For today’s haiku, I switched it up and led with joy #getaftergrowth (jokingly and lovingly adapted from the more popular hashtag #getaftergrateful.)

It feels kinda cheesy to name Hope in the poem since that’s already the prompt, but I liked that imagery of deep breath in, exhale hope.

Ooh! What if I changed the last line–

deep breath in, exhale hope

deep breath in, ex/hale hope

It’s six syllables *facepalm* finding five syllables is hard, guys.

That was some real life creative process happening up there haha

How have you guys found hope in this time?

The running list of my poems can be found here and you can follow the poets and writers on Instagram at the #30DayHaikuProject.

Writing Process Notes:


// 6.5 mins. Last 6.5 mins of lunch break at office desk. 99 words.

// 7:55pm-like 9am. I forgot to record the end time of actual haiku writing. so it’s included with the blog writing, social media-ing, all of that. Written listening to All Work and No Play (AWNP) podcast, episode 6 and 7. Word count: 335.

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