Story Behind the Poem / day 5

Day 5 “a worry”

This is something I’m wondering a lot lately. We’re all navigating the impacts of COVID-19. Being a human in a non-quarantined world is hard enough and now we’re managing emotions and feelings while wearing masks and not seeing all of our people regularly.

My hope, my prayer, is that we can offer grace and love and kindness to those around us and on the Internet.

My hope, my prayer, is that we can give people the benefit of the doubt.

But I also worry about it too.

After all this is…over? After all of this…calms down?…Will we return to the selfish, negative, me first humans we were prior to this? Or, are we using this time to regroup? Learn more about ourselves? Learn how to take care of ourselves? Learn how to love our people? Stop chasing the dream and do the work the dream requires?

I really struggled with this poem.

It was really easy to default to my baseline worries—

am I good enough?

strong enough?

responsible enough?


did I do it right?

did I say “yes” enough?

All the things I worry about on a normal day.

But that’s a real vulnerable blog post and not necessarily something that needs to be unpacked in this space yet.

And I wanted to mark the times.

What am I worried about right now?

Us. People. Humans. Our souls. Our emotions.

Love your people, people. Your real life community. Your grocery clerks. Your bartenders. The gas station attendants. The guy or girl at Target and Best Buy. Your barista. Your employees. Your supervisors. Your co-workers.

Grace. Love. Hope. Peace.

Love your people, people.

And so, I worry about us, when and if this will end, and how we’ll be on the other side of it.

But I’m also praying over it too.

Love you, reader.

What are you worried about in this time? How are you handling that? I’d love for you to share in the comments or send me an email (found on the homepage).

Follow the #30DayHaikuProject on Instagram. There’s some good ones today 🙂

Writing Process Notes:


// 9:19pm-ish to 9:36pm. 17 mins. Writing the blog post. Dining room table. Typed out majority of it on WordPress app. Francesca Battistelli playlist on Spotify; compiled all her albums and singles on Spotify into one list and currently listening through all her music. Blog Post Word Count: 350.

// 8:15pm-9:15pm. About an hour. Dining room table. Writing the poem. word count:

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