Story Behind the Poem // day 2

Day 2 // “moment to myself”

My moment to myself this morning was writing this poem. I slept in until 7:40am and started my Sunday morning much like I’d started yesterday’s: next to Ant while he read.

I miss Sunday Morning Bible class, but something I’m thankful for that has come out of quarantines and shelter-in-places, are the slower Sunday mornings we have. There’s no rush to be out of the house before 9am because outdoor service doesn’t start until 10:30am, so this is often my quiet moment of the day.

Also, since I’m working later (#jobcoachbyday), I knew there wouldn’t be many moments by myself today.

It was a slightly cooler morning, so I donned my Ravenclaw hoodie (I will find any reason to wear a sweatshirt), sat down in my favorite spot at the dining room table, and wrote these haikus.

They started like this:

sun/day morn/ing sweet/ness // quiet win/dows closed, sun re/frig/er/a/tor noi/ses // pen, pap/er, sun/light stream/ing in

This is obviously very long. “Refrigerator” threw me for a loop for a few minutes. I eventually shortened it to “fridge” and came to version six:

sun/light stream/ing in // coff/ee brew/ing, fridge humm/ing // pen, pa/per, din/ing ta/ble

It’s kinda a transition in counting syllables rather then just counting words. “Paper” has two of the them *facepalm* And I realized I liked the use of “paper” because it gave the appearance of rhyming with “table.” I considered shortening “paper” to “papes” (my nod to Newsies) and then to “page” or “words” or “thoughts”. It was Ant’s idea to take out “dining” and then replace “table” with “ready” as a question.

I liked the table ending better initially, but the more I chanted out the version with “ready?” the more I liked it and decided to share both.

Again, you can follow this challenge through the hashtag #30DayHaikuProject.

And I’m collecting all of my haiku’s here. You can find the creator of this challenge here too, along with all the prompts.

Where do you spend your stolen moments of the day?

Writing Process Notes:


// Writing the poem: 25 mins. Hobbit Hole noises. Dining Room table. word total: 132.

// Writing the blog post: 16:16 (mins). Hobbit Hole noises. these notes, publishing to blog. blog post word total: 329.

// total total mins: 25:21. total total words: 372.

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