Welcome to Mrs. Writer!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I aim to cultivate a consistent writing habit through reflecting on the world around me and my experiences with it. There will be thoughts on books, board games and Dungeon & Dragons, TV shows and movies and Story, travels and being where my feet are. I am hopelessly in love with Story. With a capital “S.” It is a beautiful thing and I want to chase after it and wrestle with and write about.

In one of my favorite blog posts ever written, Emily P. Freeman wrote:

I’m not yet sure how this will turn out, but that’s the beauty of blog writing – it’s an invitation to enter into the middle of a story without the pressure of either having to know the beginning or close it up neatly.

A blog is often a collection of middle narratives, reflections that happen in between beginnings and endings.

– Emily P. Freeman, “Before Helpless Turns to Hopeless

This is my collection of middle narratives. I don’t know everything and some days I wish I did before I felt the need to write about it. But then, nothing would get written would it? 🙂

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