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Guest Posts on Writing:

– My Top 6 Writing Tools on the Ink & Grace blog.

Guest Posts on Faith and Life:

– The faith it took to move twice in a short span of time over at the More Love Letters’ diary.

Professional Pieces:

– South Dakota // Looking for a fun thing to do on your first or next trip to South Dakota? Explore The Black Hills with this local, small-owned trail-riding business: J+F Tails and Trails

– Morning Walks Photography photographer bio

Coming Soon:

– How my husband and I discovered Ghost Canyon Getaway and what we love about it.

– Flash Fiction Story on Mystery Monday for Havok Publishing. Publish Date in May, TBD.

Why I want to write for you:

I believe the stories in our lives matter, and often times it is those stories that inform our passions and dreams. And in some cases those dreams became a reality–the coffee shop you opened, the vet office you love and always come back to. Even our dentists and optometrist offices have stories to tell.

I’ve always been a reader and a writer, a storyteller since I was a child. I wrote about dinosaurs and horses and my American Girl Doll. My sister and I told stories through playing with dolls and playing outside. As I grew up and the stories I started to read changed, I started to write to the young adult age in short stories and novel ideas. I also started reading blogs and how absorbing how writers write about real life, daily life and the lessons and beauty there are there. The first day program I worked for, I wrote the monthly for almost two years, writing about what’s it like to work with adult with disabilities.

Along the way, I’ve realized that businesses have stories to tell as well. People started photography businesses, coffee shops, and boutiques for a reason. They became chiropractors, zookeepers, candlemakers, and business owners for a reason. And since then, I’ve just fallen more in love in Story and stories. Let me help you tell your story of why you do what you do and why you love it.

I’d love to talk with you. You can email me at: Tracy Erler [dot] Writer [at] gmail [dot] com.