The Ember Letters: Vol. 1, Issue 2

The Ember Letters // Where I  document things about the Baby Dinosaur.

Dear Ember,

Happy two months Baby Dinosaur! I’m sorry you had to get shots today, but I hope spending the day with Mommy and taking pictures next to your purple unicorn made up for it. What a difference a month makes: you are holding your head up and you’re so much more alert now. You keep your eyes open longer and you’re just taking us all in.

In the last month, you’ve spit-up nailed me really good…twice! I burped you for the first time ever—actually, you are the first baby I’ve ever burped—and I felt like I was beating you up.

You met my niece Sunday at church on Mother’s Day (also known as Auntie Day). The monkey and the dinosaur together 🙂



I got you to smile at me by rocking in the squeaky chair at Friday Night Game Night last week #pointforme! BUT as soon as I started videoing you, you stopped. Such a sassy little gnome already. Also, one random night at Opa and Lollie’s house, I was holding you and it looked like you were holding onto my hand so I had Uncle document it.


You’ll get used to his silly picture-taking ways, Em. Promise.

I started the mirror selfie tradition with Azzie based on a a photographer I follow on Instagram. It’s a it’s a cool way for me to see a wrinkly, squishy baby grow into a tiny human, so I’ve decided to continue the tradition with you 🙂

Love you Dinosaur.

Love, Auntie Tracy

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