Faith in the Moving


I came across the application for More Love Letters (MLL) accepting writers for their blog in a Facebook group. Writing applications for blogs have always scared me. Filling this one out solidly moved me out dreaming about writing for others and firmly into the Writer category.



I received an email from More Love Letters saying they wanted me to submit a trial piece on “What it feels like and looks like to move again after just a year and two months.” Complete with guidelines and a deadline. My first reaction was tears, closely followed by, “Why this topic?” (I think, in the application I had to submit four or five topics I could write about, and this was one of the ones I submitted.) And then I got to work.

It started out at 1700+ words. MLL’s ideal word count is 750. I got it down to 866.



I received another email on Tuesday letting me know that my trial piece would be published on the 19th. (TODAY!) I didn’t know what time and I had terrible service at work for most of the morning #tracythejobcoach. However, on my lunch break in the parking lot, I found enough service to visit their website and see that it had been posted. I shared it on Facebook and in my insta-story and now I’m officially putting it on the blog. It looks so professional–with the graphic and the title and my bio.


I’m so proud of myself–for applying, for being true to myself, for writing about the beauty of real life, for writing about hope in times of hardship, for doing the work required to make it here.

So, without further ado, I give you “Faith in the Moving”:


August-October 2017:

A 60-day notice to vacate greets us one afternoon after work, posted on the door of the home my husband and I have rented and loved for three years. The weekend I hit emotional rock bottom, we found a one-bedroom, overpriced apartment farther down the freeway. We made an appointment, Anthony skipped class to see it, and he paid a holding fee. We found a place to live.


Read the rest of the piece on More Love Letters’ blog.

Happy reading friends!


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