Blog-tember Challenge // Day 6: What I’m Listening To

Music is powerful. You can hear songs that were so important and meaningful to you from childhood and high school again in your 20s and know 99.9% of the music and lyrics and, at the same time, be transported back to a memory that you associate with those lyrics and tune.

At my parents’ house a couple Saturdays ago, I visited my old room to wake Anthony up from his nap and then I got lost in my shelves, particularly the very bottom one where I lined up mine and my sister’s CDs from long ago. Skillet, Hawk Nelson, Yellowcard, the numerous acoustic mix CDs, Superchick, Eli Young Band, All Time Low, and Thousand Foot Krutch were greeted with smiles similar to the ones I give books I’ve read over and over again.

This is the reason why I won’t delete the songs off of my first-ever iPod because it’s like a time capsule of high school. The songs I chose to buy and the playlists I made were a reflection of who I was at 15.

I’ve started listening to New Country again because of work, but I’m accepting that it’s not all bad. And real Country music too, thanks to the two Aaron Watson concerts I’ve been able to attend.

Anthony’s 70s, 80s, and techno music has become some of my favorite and I have 97.3, 98.5, and 96.9 pre-set on my car radio.

This might be a rash statement, but I could never own a car that doesn’t have a CD player. I love buying songs off iTunes and ordering them just so and then burning them onto a CD. And I will listen to that CD for months before it phases out and I move onto other things.

This is what I’m currently listening to on YouTube:

all songs I want to buy one day

And in iTunes, my “be brave.” playlist:

“be brave.” because I am so afraid of the unknown and change and being different and chasing my dreams and writing my own words, that it’s nice to have their words along for the journey with me.


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