On Short Stories and Old Facebook Notes


I have been thinking a lot lately of writing short stories and putting them Out There — either on this blog or, more recently, Wattpad.

In Chapter 6 of DIY MFA, Gabriela Pereira writes about ideas and how do you know if this idea is The One. For book-length projects she suggests writing short stories to give yourself the chance to hang out with your characters in the world they live in.

And then just a couple pages over she kicks my butt even more by writing:

“Even after you’ve put those words on the page, though, one last step remains. Remember that writing only takes on true meaning  when somebody reads it. It’s not enough to write a book and hide it away. Stories are meant to be heard. Books are meant to be read. The IDEA cycle only comes to fruition when you finish your story and give it to a reader. It is only when the book passes from the writer to the reader that this circle becomes complete. This is your goal: having someone read your book. Don’t lose sight of that” (54).

On top that, I’m apart of an online writing community called Ninja Writers. Our wonderful creator of the group, Shaunta, is creating a Ninja Writers Zine made up of stories and poems contributed by our community. The deadline for the first issue is March 1st but for some reason today i the urgency to write stories and publish them Somewhere just kicked in.

So I turned to Facebook.

Facebook Notes to be specific.

And when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I realized I had saved them in a collective Word Document. So, I copied and pasted them to their own Word Docs and printed them out. Our Mazda Protege was my work space this afternoon as we drove to Roseville and then to Rocklin. I re-read them and marked them up and I think they’ll be out in the world soon. At the very least, I’ll add them to my Bullet Journal, Sticker Calendar, and give myself a due date.

Here’s to dreams and words and stories, to the life we live and the people that inspire us.

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