Fare Thee Well, Ogres*

I have said “goodbye” and “see you later” and hugged many people tight many times in the past eight months, with more that happened this month. I’ve been mentally preparing to goodbye to some favorite humans officially since last fall, all of us thinking we’d have a year left—I started thinking of lasts and presents … Continue reading Fare Thee Well, Ogres*

Marking Time

"I hold on to dates like others hold onto pictures and ticket stubs and brochures. I hold onto those too, but dates mean something entirely different for me. I remember the dates of important conversations, when I started counseling, birthdays, anniversaries. It's a common phrase in our household for me to start a conversation with, 'Oh! A year ago today we...' I put the date on Everything."

Margin Notes: My Journey Through the Bible in 2020 // Weeks 2 + 3

This year one of my goals is to read my Bible everyday. I've always thought a chronological Bible would be cool to read and I've been curious to try the Christian Standard Bible (CSB version), so November-ish of last year, I bought one. For the beginning of 2020, I'm starting in EXODUS. And while, 16 … Continue reading Margin Notes: My Journey Through the Bible in 2020 // Weeks 2 + 3

Bob & God

"I love details. And lists. And plans. Routines. I love crossing things off. Which is why I've finally (see: again) planned out a daily schedule for myself and given myself goals for this month. Two living, breathing, attainable goals. ("Intentionality, people!") But there comes a time when I've planned too much and made too many lists and taken too many notes, sat through too many classes, live events, and webinars..."