All the Book Posts!

The One Where I Make it Easier to Find the Words I’ve Written on Books

Apparently I write about books a lot haha I just love them a lot is all 🙂

Post 01 // The One Where I Write About Artemis Fowl and Childhood favorites

Post 02 // On Bog (Goff) and God

Post 03 // On reading the books I (we) own

Post 04 // On declaring myself a book dragon!

Post 05 // Dear Lara Jean

Post 06 // What I Read Winter of 2022 (Dec. ’21-Feb. ’22)

Post 07 // What I Read Spring of 2022 (March-May)

Post 08 // What I Read Summer of 2022

Post 09 // What I Read Fall of 2022

Post 10 // What I Read Winter of 2023 (Dec. ’22-Feb. ’23)

Post 11 // In Honor of Teen Lit Day 2023

Writing Process Notes:

4/18/23 // 9:14am-9:51am. my end of the couch, just copying book post links over to this page. Will link this all encompassing book posts page to my homepage. “God” playlist still playing 🙂

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