Dear Lara Jean

Dear Lara Jean,

You have revived my love for Young Adult Realistic Contemporary Fiction.

The last YA novel I read was way back in January or February of this year. Seven to eight months between YA novels used to be unheard of. Once I’d heard of Sarah Dessen, Deb Caletti, Lauri Halse Anderson, Gayle Forman . . . there was no turning back.

Granted, this has been my Fantasy year so far.

I started the year mid-Harry Potter (The Order of the Phoenix) and every fiber in my being after that told me it was time to read Lord of the Rings, and much like Frodo and Sam’s journey, and Merry and Pippin’s, wondering when they would see each other again, reading Lord of the Rings was a journey. One I’m glad I chose to embark on.

I knew, though, after reading their story, I needed to read something . . . lighter, fun, bright and colorful. (Middle Earth gets real dark there towards the end.)

In talking with a friend (Monica) a few weekends ago about your middle book, P.S. I Still Love You, I scrunched up my face and shared that I’d given up on you way back in April of 2018 because your dramatic, teen feelings were “too much” for this 29-year old, old married lady (haha) to handle.

Monica encouraged me to try again, and so I did.

And I enjoyed your second story this time around. I was much more patient with you.

But I loved your third one. This one might be my favorite of the three.

The after high school life tension is the theme throughout the book and I’m glad it’s not portrayed as easy peasy. I’m glad you and Peter, Chris, and Margot struggled with a lot of things.

When you and Chris take that spontaneous trip to you-know-where . . . hands-down one of my top favorite book scenes ever written.

Unfortunately I don’t have too many unread YA novels on my shelf right now (and I’m trying to read my Owned Books this year). I do have a lot of older Sarah Dessens and I can almost never say no to If I Stay.

You’ve also reminded why I love Realistic YA and that immediate time of life between high school and our mid-20s.

Thank you, Lara Jean.

Love, Tracy

Writing Process Notes:


// 30ish mins. Finished at like 9:15ish pm and promptly sat down to write this letter to Lara Jean. House fan noises. Writing Desk. Word TOTAL: 409.

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