The Darling Files // Behind the Scenes of my First-ever Inktober

I love social media challenges. 30-day Instagram prompts or one-word prompts, Meet The Author prompts, etc. Inktober is no exception. Especially since I love art, looking at it and buying it and adding it my wish list.

Every year for the past few years now a Writetober challenge has been released. The idea is to write one 50-word story a day and include the word from that prompt.

This year I am (finally?) combing the two. My default is to say that I’m an overachiever. I mean, I decided this last minute. I didn’t write either of the prompts down ahead of time. Or plan anything out before. My time could better be spent prepping for NanNoWriMo. I did just start a new part-time job last week, and Ant and I are finally feeling better and settling back into a new routine of home life.

But really, I’m tired of overthinking what to post on my social media accounts.

Trip related or not trip related or life related or just a for fun post that I want to exist on my feed because I want it to. And so I’m just combining my enjoyment of doodling and writing stories and sharing them on my writergram.

So here is a peek into my sketches for last week’s and this week’s prompts. Enjoy!

Ant helping me figure out how Carlos the crab would hold the glasses:

Oftentimes what it looks like with a cat co-worker:

The full-page spreads from last week’s doodles:

The spiderwebs and spiders were a just for fun doodle 🙂

A peek at this week’s doodles:

Josephine the armadillo is from last week, but I didn’t want her to be on the page all alone, so she joined this week’s doodles.

Let’s be brave enough to share our work-in-progresses and out favorite lines and scenes and doodles that don’t make the cut, but still took some of our time a piece of our heart and soul and mind to create.

This is the first post in The Darling Files. Inspired by two favorite writers, Callie and Rachel. You can read more about what this means here and here.

Writing Process Notes:


// 7:47pm-8:37pm. dining room table, listening to my Drew and Ellie Holcomb playlist. Wrote the post, uploaded the photos, and published it 🙂 Shared in on the writergram and writer FB page, updated the mlkshke link. woot woot! WORDS: 2,191.

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