I Am A Writer. 

from Ashly Hilst’s 28 Days of Writing Workbook

How does this make me feel?




Like I’m shouting (#fontmatters).

Like I’m drawing attention to myself.

Like a fraud. I don’t write everyday. I have nothing published out there in the writing world. I have many unfinished stories. It’s like I have nothing to back this claim up.


I’m a fraud.


Like I’m declaring a piece of my soul to the world, declaring the innermost part of who I am.

An announcement of how important and precious and special words are to me.


That I can truly see how much good I could bring about with my words.

Isn’t that the whole point though?

As mentioned above, I don’t write every day and I have too many unfinished story ideas, but I am always thinking about writing and words and story ideas. I participating in Story every day–my own real life story, my clients and coworkers’ stories, Naruto and This Is Us, Bible studies and Devo Nights, reading.

Writing and Story is all around me.

Here’s the declaration.

Now it’s time to write and turn the dream into reality.

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