Darling Files 02 // Write From the Perspective of a Guardian Angel

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Photo by Ryan Conrow on Pexels.com

Oh in all the heavenly lands, they’ve done it again, Tobias sighed and kicked at the rock he’d been staring at for the last few minutes. When would she realize…

More about what/who Tobias is watching could be alluded to here. Set it up so that it’s shown/hinted at here that the female human (Tobias’s charge) is the one ended the RELATIONSHIP and then the ending won’t have to be so spelled out.

His thought trailed off and he slumped against the wall he was leaning againt. He looked up at the sky, “I don’t know what you see in these humans sometimes,” he muttered.

He pushed himself up from the wall, stumbled on the rock he’d just kicked—“Oh good gravy!”—and made his way across the park to the bench his charge was sitting on.

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