haiku day 1: through the window

I have two poems for you today to start off this round of the 30 Day Haiku Project.

three cats, writer wife

snuggle in blankets. gamer

husband plays the keyboard

This is literally what we’re doing this morning—er, afternoon—and it makes me so happy.

Since we don’t have a fireplace or wood stove, I’ve picked up the habit of pulling my brother-in-law’s old gamer chair that he gave us (it looks more like a mini papasan chair and less like the typical gamer chairs.) If the mornings are slow, like on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, this is where plant myself while I read my Bible or a book. In the evenings, I can be found playing Pokemon Go, watching Critical Role, or reading. The cats also love it.

Anthony has gotten back into the routine of practicing playing songs on our keyboard. This entire week I’ve been humming “Yesterday” by The Beatles and I wrote this haiku to Ant practicing this song. It is beautiful on the piano.

I decided to write this haiku has if someone were looking in our front window instead of me looking out of a window.

The other haiku I wrote:

the pink glow of the lights

welcome us home in the wee

hours of the first

We arrived home at like 2 this morning after board games and snacks with friends. We ended 2020 and began 2021 with a slice of normalcy. We instantly went to bed upon arriving home and then woke up start our day in as seen in the above haiku.

It’s the first of the year and most of us are eager to leave 2020 behind and run into 2021, but there were lots of moments of growth and love and creative connection that still happened last year. Let’s take our lessons and realizations and memories into this new year with us, but let us also pack lots of hope and grace and kindness along with those. I know I will be.

Here’s to poetry and slow mornings, precious cats, laughter and smiles, to our hopes and dreams, the work we put in to achieve them, to the memories we’ll make this year.

Nicole Gulotta has kindly given us the prompts for this round of haiku. Follow along at the hashtag, #30dayshaikuproject, here.

Writing Notes:


// 11:52am: Harry Potter journal, at writing desk while Ant played “Yesterday” on the keyboard. 87 words in haiku

// switched to the blog maybe like 15 minutes later. Now Ant is watching Naruto Shippuden. Word count: 445.

// switched to living room area to add photos, plus a load of laundry. finding pictures, sending them to myself, copying and pasting takes soooo long. posting to soical media at 1:14pm

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