Story Behind the Poem // day 13

Day 13 “summer sips”

fruit juice with dinner / black coffee in a paper / cup, iced chais with friends

We don’t have a special summer drink, so this is what I came up with for today.

The juice we have is a strawberry banana flavor and I first tried it at a women’s day breakfast with my church family a few years ago. It’s so good and we can’t find this flavor at Safeway right now. But we found it at WinCo.

Anthony and I both gave up cream and sugar in our coffee last summer and it’s stuck ever since. Before Covid-19 when Flour Garden, one of my favorite local coffee shops, was still self-serve I’d put half-and-half in it

I’ve learned to love the smell of coffee since Anthony’s always loved coffee, but I was always one of those “a little coffee with my cream and sugar” people haha but now it’s black and it’s so delicious.

Ever since my sister introduced me to iced chai lattes, they have been my coffee shop drink of choice before I switched to black coffee. The past year or so I’ve started ordering dirty chai (just one shot of espresso) and they’re delicious too. It’s what I order first at every new coffee shop I visit.

What sips does summer make you think of?

This is Day 13 of 30 of the #30DayHaikuProject. Follow along here.

Writing Process Notes:


// Wrote the poem in my head at Safeway with Client while collecting carts. Luckily I had sticky notes on me 🙂 finished it on my lunch break back at the office. TOTAL Words: 39

// about 45 mins. Couch. Episode 86 of Vox Machina.

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