Writing the Everyday // day 3: dishes

4.23.20 dishes

Clean the sink before dinner to make cooking easier.

Wash the cook prep dishes as Ant or the toaster oven or the crock pot cooks the meal.

Eat dinner while watching a movie, playing a game, or just the two of us at the dinner table.

Put the dinner dishes in the sink, with the intention to wash them in a few minutes.

A couple hours later add the ice cream bowls and spoons to the sink too.

Before bed, place all the different drinking glasses used throughout the day in the sink.

Wake up the next morning. Add lunch prep dishes and breakfast dishes in the sink.

After work, arrive home to see the sink is clean and dishes are drying on the towel on the right side.

Place lunch containers in the sink. Eh, it’s not too bad now.

Clean out the fridge since the kitchen sink isn’t full now. Soak those dishes.

Wash dishes before dinner to make it easier.

Wash prep dishes while Ant or the toaster oven or the crockpot cooks dinner.

Eat dinner.

Place dinner dishes now in the empty sink. Eh, it’s not too bad.

Place dessert bowls in the sink.

And then before bed, grab all the different drinking glasses used throughout the day.

Wake up in the morning. Rinse, repeat.

– – –

Dear dishes,

I love enjoy washing dishes more after we’ve had people over. To me, it’s a reminder of mine and Anthony’s hospitality and love for our people. Our willingness to step outside of our comfort zone and welcome people into our space.

I enjoy washing dishes after I’ve baked something because I’m learning to love baking. The process, how the ingredients interact with each other, and of course the end result.

My favorite is when Ant and I wash and dry them together. That happened more so in the beginning of married life than it does now. More so now, I’ll wash them because I know it’s the house chore he likes the least.

Washing dishes in our Rocklin apartment was fun because we had a dishwasher.

I dream of the day we get to have a dishwasher again.

Dishes fill up one sink quickly. One day we will have a two-compartment sink. I hope I still appreciate it then.

Dear dishes, just like the laundromat phase we went through, we are learning to make the most of what we have now. I hope we never forget these days.

Dear dishes, thank you.

Love, Tracy

If you would like to spend the next 40 days Writing the Everyday, here is where you can find the prompts. Other posts in this series: Day 1 and Day 2.

Writing Process Notes:
// 5pm-ish. 15ish minutes. 440 words. Writing Desk. Outside noises through the open windows, Ant napping.
// first round of editing: 432 words.
// 2nd and final round: 469 words.

One thought on “Writing the Everyday // day 3: dishes

  1. Cute story, Tracy. Yes doing dishes us an integral part of our lives. These days I like to hand wash them immediately.. selfishly because I love the pleasure of the cleaned up kitchen. The dishwasher only gets used to make sure it still works. I prefer to hand wash!

    I have memories of girlhood when doing the dishes was a “have to” chore not a “want to”. My sisters and I and our friends came up with a system which made this “have to” chore less painful.

    My friend Joan and I would “do the dishes” at my house on a summer afternoon, while my sister Camille and Beverly would “do the dishes” at their house. Then the next day we’d switch houses. A great way to share the drudgery and spend time with friends.

    So many memories of the Stevens sisters…..there were 3 of them and 3 of us. I still visit Joan whenever we get back home.

    Love, Roberta

    From Roberta’s iPhone 11



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