On This Is Us, Hoarding, and Story

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**I feel like I should warn you. If you are not caught up on This Is Us, please don’t read this. I didn’t talk about what happens, but I allude to the something and please for the love of Story and Characters and because you care about yourself, just skip it. Or, skip to the third paragraph and you’ll be good. Thank you and you’re welcome.**


I just finished watching Episode 9 of This Is Us (season 2). And it was brilliant. Gut-wrenching. But brilliant. It had me crying within the first five minutes and full-on sobbing during Rebecca’s little speech (pep talk?) to 17 year old Kate. Because it paralleled so perfectly what Teenage Kate would need to hear 20ish years later. Which of course the writers did on purpose because they’re brilliant. (which I’ve now used three times in 152 words. but it’s true so… *shrug emojii*.)

I watched the 5-1/2 minute discussion video they have after every episode and then scrolled up and down hoping Episode 10’s teaser trailer would be up. Nope. Not yet.

So then I felt empty. Just a bit. But this story–You guys! I LOVE story. Story. With a capital S. It’s powerful. And while I’m falling in love with real people stories more and more (if you find this letter, Looking for Lovely, and Dance Stand Run, here’s looking at you ladies), I’ve never appreciated Story in Fiction as much as I’m appreciating it now. (Thank you A Thousand Splendid Suns, the Harry Potter series, Divergent, if i stay, Speak, Sarah Dessen, The Nature of Jade, Catch a Falling Star, the Tavi series–or by its proper name The Codex Alera series, and So Many More.)

And even more recently: Story in movies, TV, and animes:

Collateral Beauty

This Is Us

Full-Metal Alchemist

Stranger Things


Bridge of Spies

I decided that part of what I was feeling was inspiration, so I decided to write. Hence, this.

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But, I’m also inspired to read–and watch and listen to–fantastic writing.

I’m a hoarder. I hoard all the articles and essays and blog posts, videos song lists, book recs. My Saved Articles on Facebook is Ridiculous. Right now in my email there are more than 10 (*cough* fifteen or so *cough*) articles, essays, blog posts, and websites combined waiting for me to read them. And that’s not counting the ones I’ve sent to myself previously and just moved to a different folder to keep my email count down.

So maybe by sharing them here I can actively try to fight hoarding and hold myself accountable to reading greatness.

The first one I’ll share with you tonight is Kellie McGann’s post she linked to on Instagram today on her newly redesigned website, The Story of an Amateur to Bestselling Writer. You can read the post here.

She writes in that funny, realistic voice that I don’t know how to consistently writes, but she did it brilliantly. (Use number four, but who’s counting?)

Here’s to reading good writing, sharing good writing, Writers, and just words in general.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

— Tracy


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