Day 1 // Breakfast

Via Ashlee Gad, the creator of Coffee + Crumbs, on her personal Instagram Tuesday night of last week, I was made aware of Callie Feyen’s $10 download “Forty Days of Writing the Everyday”. I bought it that night and then promptly put it off. And now I have 6 mins (writing this yesterday) before we need to let the dogs out and then head out so of course I’m taking the time do this now. Here’s to writing for 40 days.

I thought about this prompt all day Wednesday, after downloading the prompt list Tuesday night. I wanted to wait until breakfast was more glamorous so I could justify writing about it. Which is ironic really when the deeper point behind this 40-day writing journey is to find the beauty in my everyday life, to just be present, and write about it.

And so, here we are.


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